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Buffalo Grove Lighted Signs


Your business stands out in a sea of distractions with a custom lighted sign—a beacon that captures attention and sets you apart in the bustling business landscape.

Buffalo Grove Lighted Signs channel letters banner outdoor storefront building illuminated backlit sign 300x225

Many different lighted sign options are available in today’s diverse society in different shapes and styles. In particular, backlit or illuminated signs are precious assets that provide luminous charm to businesses of all kinds. Certain signs, such as the common emergency exit signs, have universal uses, but other signs are customized for particular industries and provide a more sophisticated method of promoting a brand.

Our committed team of experts at Apex Signs & Graphics, Inc. specializes in creating a wide range of personalized signs, from eye-catching illuminated storefront signs to unique logo lobby signs—all diligently customized to meet your business needs and budget. Beyond just making signs, we want to be your one-stop shop for anything associated with business identification and promotion.

Amidst the distractions, let your business shine distinctively and brilliantly. Count on us to be the focal point that draws attention to you and serves as a symbol of your dedication to quality. With our meticulously created Buffalo Grove lighted signs, you can increase brand awareness and add a glamorous touch to your company.

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Traditional Neon Lighted Signs

Buffalo Grove Lighted Signs lighted 1 300x200Traditional neon signs have a timeless appeal, but they require a lot of maintenance and can get expensive to fix, so they’re not the best investment—especially for businesses on a tight budget.

Fortunately, advancements in technology have brought about the introduction of LED lighted signage, which perfectly emulates the nostalgic appeal of neon signs while requiring less maintenance and having a longer lifespan.

There’s no need to search any further if you find yourself pining for the vintage ambiance of neon lighting but are wary of the added maintenance costs. Give us a call, and we’ll use our LED lighted signage—which offers the ideal fusion of timeless beauty and contemporary utility—to add a vintage vibe to your area.

Lighted LED Signage

LED bulbs with higher efficiency and lower energy consumption are a seamless way to achieve the iconic neon light aesthetic in the modern landscape. LED signs adopt a more eco-friendly strategy while providing the same nostalgic atmosphere as neon lights.

Buffalo Grove Lighted Signs storefront 3 300x174The use of LED lights expands the possibilities for signage beyond the conventional neon light concept. Innovative backlighting applied to channel letters and cabinet signs allows businesses to be illuminated in the dark. This is especially useful for late-night operations, such as gas stations, convenience stores, hotels, restaurants, bars, and theaters.

Our selection of LED sign options comes in a variety of colors, animation designs, and styles and is custom-made to meet your unique needs. Discover the allure of traditional design with a contemporary twist thanks to our customized LED signs, which improve visibility while also adding a dynamic and enticing visual element to your area.

Indoor Light Signs

Both LED and neon signs are very beneficial for indoor applications, providing versatility in different formats, even outside of improving storefronts.

Buffalo Grove Lighted Signs Royal Cyber Indoor Lobby Sign Backlit 300x169These glowing signs are often used for guidance, but they can also be used as advertising aids to draw attention to particular areas of a company. For example, restaurants can strategically use signs to highlight pickup stations and orders to improve customer flow.

Our indoor lighted signs are carefully constructed to match a business’s distinct requirements and creative vision. Our skilled team in Buffalo Grove is excellent at turning your ideas for signs into real, eye-catching things that match and surpass your expectations. Accentuate the interior of your business space with captivating and informative signs that will improve the overall feel and functionality of the space.

Programmable Digital Message Centers

Buffalo Grove Lighted Signs 0092 Dairy Queen Bendsen Sign  Graphics W 19mm 80x176 Bloomington IL 101718 1 300x225

Among the options we offer to companies looking to highlight unique characteristics are custom and programmable message center signs. This striking signage can be used alone or in conjunction with other signs, like the storefront, to create a seamless visual element in a variety of settings.

LED message centers have more benefits than conventional neon signs. An LED message center gives you the freedom to experiment with different colors and add personalized messages with ease at any time. Remarkably, some models even provide you the choice of full-color graphics, giving your business display an unmatched range of visual options.

Full-Service LED Sign Service

Buffalo Grove Lighted Signs illuminated cabinet channel letters outdoor install 300x225You can rely on our Buffalo Grove sign company to help you with every step of the production process for lighted signs.

Our staff is available to guarantee that your experience is complete and trouble-free, from designing the light to executing the installation with ease and handling any necessary repairs. You can be confident that when you choose a personalized sign from us, you’re getting not just a superior sign but also the assistance of a premier sign company that cares about your happiness.

Together, let’s shine a light on your company using your vision and our experience!

Free Lighted Signs Consultation

Buffalo Grove Lighted Signs apex signs wraps logo new 300x113At Apex Signs & Graphics, Inc., we are aware that leaving a lasting impression requires both visibility and distinctiveness. Our personalized Buffalo Grove lighted signs do more for you than simply provide light; they are guides of your brand identity that grab attention and make an impression on onlookers.

Allow us to illuminate your route to success with signs that skillfully combine professionalism, ingenuity, and creativity.

Call Apex Signs & Graphics, Inc. today at (847) 380-1944 for your Free Consultation with an Buffalo Grove Lighted Sign specialist!