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Illinois Custom Office Signs


Apex Signs & Graphics, Inc. is renowned for creating the most attractive and cohesive office signs in Illinois for all your branding needs!

Frosted Glass SignProper office signage is all about having complementary elements. Any sign needs to be cohesive with your branding and other indoor as well as outdoor signs. We understand this and put it into consideration when designing any signage for our clients. We are your local sign company for all your office sign needs.

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What office signs do you need?

There a huge variety of office signage, and chances are your business does not every type that exits. The best blend for your company will depend on the type of business you run, specific facilities as well as brand guidelines.

Common office signage includes:

  • Directory signs
  • Door signs
  • Lobby Logo sign
  • ADA signs
  • Floor graphics
  • Wayfinding signage
  • Wall murals and more

These signs perform do an array of things throughout a company. They do an excellent job of reinforcing your identity as well as helping visitors and potential clients navigate your premises. They also tell the story of your Illinois business with murals that have an impact, allow you to reallocate staff through frequently requested information and even increase the perception of your firm. Some signage is even legally required and so, it might be essential to work with a well-known local signage company

Designing and Creating Impactful Office Signs

Window Door SignsGetting ideal signage, according to us, starts with proper consultation. Our company offers an on-site evaluation. This allows us to understand your facility, brand personality, and even the current signage. The results of the assessment allow us to make recommendations on the different types of signage and the areas in your business that could benefit more.

From recently opened offices to established premises, we work with all types of Illinois businesses in all growth stages to ascertain that you get the best impact from your signage.

We know that there’s a multitude of workplace types and that every office has its own unique needs. Whether it is an institution office, a corporate office, a satellite office, a company head office, a dentist office, etc., our dedicated team will work hard to provide an ideal signage package for your marketing or branding needs.

If you also want an array of cohesive signs for multiple offices, you can count on Apex Signs & Graphics, Inc. to create everything you need in-house and then work with you to come up with an affordable means to distribute the signs all over the locations.

Full-service Office signs company

Illinois Custom Office Signs floor vinyl 300x219Apex Signs & Graphics, Inc. is a full-service Illinois signage company that provides services locally for all types of businesses. Whether you’re looking for a single element or a whole office signage package, our dedicated team of designers and fabricators provides the support, help, and expertise you require from start to finish.

Illinois Custom Office Signs Lobby Decal wall mural 300x181If you want help with designing cohesive signs for your business offices, or have a print-ready file in place, Apex Signs & Graphics, Inc. delivers high-quality signs that you need to give your company a professional and sleek look.

We are your go-to local service provider for attractive and complimentary office signage. Our experienced and dedicated staff provide exceptional support and service, so, you can be sure that you will be getting the best products for your business needs.

Call Apex Signs & Graphics, Inc. today at (847) 380-1944 for a Free Consultation with an Office Signs Expert!