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Wheeling Vinyl Signs, Wraps, & Graphics
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Wheeling Vinyl Signs, Wraps, & Graphics

Apex Signs & Graphics provides you the ultimate in versatility with their durable vinyl signs and graphics!

Business Directory SignVinyl graphics and vinyl signs can be used in many different situations. They work almost everywhere, adhering to just about any clean, flat surface. You can put them on your car, create murals for your walls, build eye-catching window displays, or use as a professional way to display business information on your doors. Once you see what you can do with these vinyl graphics, you won’t be able to stop your imagination from running wild with all the ways you can market your business, excite your customers, or create a more professional or attractive workplace.

For attractive commercial signage, trust Apex Signs & Graphics, Inc. as your Wheeling vinyl signs provider!

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Unlimited Vinyl Graphic Options

custom promotional window vinyl restaurantThe versatility of vinyl is due to the variety of weights, colors, styles, finishes, and adhering ability of different vinyl materials.

We can provide a complete selection of vinyl for your needs, from marine-grade vinyl suitable for wrapping a boat to removable vinyl clings. We provide both colored and transparent material, frosted/etched vinyl, privacy film, reverse stick for adhering to the inside of doors, and more. Not only is vinyl versatile, it is also durable, easy to install, and easy to repair if damage does occur.

Some of the best and most popular uses include:

Vinyl Improves Customer Perception

BratHaus Custom Vinyl Wall GraphicsAttractive vinyl graphics and signs build customer confidence in your business, and in your level of professionalism. People want to shop at a place that they can trust, and it is up to you to build an attractive, trustworthy appearance for your business. Nothing is less impressive than walking up to a door that has a hastily scrawled, handwritten sign with the hours carved in black marker. This type of sign gives your building a feeling of impermanence, like you could be closing up shop at any moment. This doesn’t exactly make a customer feel confident that you will be there to fulfill their needs long-term. Vinyl is a fantastic way to display information that is evergreen, such as office numbers, hours of operation, Wi-Fi names, and accessibility information. While vinyl signs and lettering are more permanent, they are inexpensive and fast to produce, making it extremely easy to change or update at any time.

Custom Window Vinyl

Vinyl Window Signs

There are several different ways vinyl can be used for the windows of your business. Vinyl graphics, banners, and clings help to add dimension and excitement to retail displays, while etched or frosted window privacy film is popular for use with professional office buildings, such as doctors, dentists, and therapists. Service businesses have options, in that they can provide privacy to their patrons, add individual graphic elements, or can even create an attractive window mural that shows exactly how they can assist their desired customers. Depending on the type of graphics you desire, we can create them from a permanent, super adhesive vinyl for a long-lasting display, or from cling material allowing you to easily remove and update seasonal or short-term displays. Just let us know how to you plan to use them, we will recommend the right material for you!

Attractive Wall Murals & Floor Graphics

Large Format Wall MuralsFor something truly stunning and attention grabbing, custom wall murals and floor graphics are a unique and attractive touch. These durable large-format vinyl graphics are specifically made to adhere to walls, floors, and other high-traffic flat surfaces. You have complete control over your design, and can provide print-ready files, or we can design a custom mural for you that meets your specifications. Wall Murals can be used to display anything from directions to business information to artwork. Whether on the floor or the wall, these withstand traffic, dirt, cleaning, and wear and tear quite well, and we can even provide graphics suitable for long-term use outdoors.

Professional Design, Production & Installation

Subaru Floor Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl graphics look best when they are installed by professionals, and our local vinyl manufacturing professionals have a lot of experience with designing, installing, repairing, and even removing vinyl graphics. If properly installed by a professional, vinyl graphics can last a long time, providing your business with a maximum return on your investment.

We aren’t just a print shop, we are a complete sign manufacturing company, handling all stages of sign creation right here in our local facility. We take great pride in creating attractive, durable signs that we pass on our way to work every day. You can meet us at our Lake Bluff location, or we can come to you to discuss your needs and ideas. We look forward to working with you on your current needs, and hope that our skill and dedication will win us your future sign business as well.

Apex Signs & Graphics, Inc. is your trusted Wheeling vinyl signs and graphics partner!

Free Consultation with a Sign Expert

We provide professional, attractive vinyl graphics that seamlessly integrate with your business decor, adding images or important information in an exciting, professional way.

Call Apex Signs & Graphics today at (847) 380-1944 for your Free Consultation with a Vinyl Graphics Specialist!