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Vinyl Wraps
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Wheeling Vinyl Wraps


Vinyl is a versatile material that took the signage industry by storm thanks to its durability and customization options. If you need any messaging or decorative tool for your business, Apex Signs & Graphics, Inc. can offer you various potential solutions with our custom Wheeling vinyl wraps.

Custom refrigerator vinyl wrap

Our vinyl wraps and graphics come in different forms; all of which are designed meticulously and produced using top-of-the-line vinyl, printers, and ink. Additionally, we install our vinyl products using long-lasting adhesive and efficient techniques so the whole process will be finished quickly and flawlessly.

Whether you need vinyl wraps and graphics for your commercial fleet, front windows, or interior spaces, Apex Signs & Graphics, Inc. can deliver your personalized graphics in premium quality and at reasonable prices. Our in-house designers will also ensure that the final look will be reflective of your brand while sporting a professional-looking finish.

Investing in our custom vinyl wraps will be a smart move for any business that aims to improve its visibility, public perception, and overall business performance. Talk to our vinyl graphics experts today and learn more about our products and services!

Call Apex Signs & Graphics, Inc. today at (847) 380-1944 for your Free Consultation with an Wheeling Vinyl Wrap Expert!

Vehicle Branding

Using your commercial vehicles for branding and promotions is one great way of optimizing your assets. With our custom Wheeling vinyl wraps, you can make your vehicles more than just transportation machines. They can now be stars on the roads that make your brand known to hundreds of people every day!

Custom semi truck wrapBranded vehicles inspire customer confidence and improve public perception of your business. This is especially useful for companies offering home services, such as cable installers, exterminators, landscapers, electricians, and plumbers. Clients will feel more comfortable letting them in if they see the workers coming out of vehicles that proudly carry their company name and logo.

Other types of businesses can, of course, still see amazing marketing benefits from vehicle vinyl wraps as well. Any business can increase its advertising reach by utilizing our vinyl wraps and earning more potential customers. This is even highly recommended for office renters and home-based entrepreneurs who donโ€™t have enough exterior space to post some signage.

Included in our vehicle wrap services are the following:

Custom Commercial Van Wrap

Whether you want to customize a single car or an entire fleet of vehicles, Apex Signs & Graphics, Inc. is fully equipped to deliver and install the high-quality vinyl wraps that you need.

Weโ€™ll tailor them to meet your style requirements and also use high-grade vinyl, giving you effective brand-reinforcing graphics that will add extra protection for your vehicles.

General Signage

Our vinyl wrapping service also includes different kinds of vinyl signs and graphics. You can use them on practically any smooth surface: windows, walls, doors, and floors. Whether you intend to use your graphics on concrete, wood, metal, acrylic, plastic, tile, or even carpeted surfaces, we have suitable vinyl graphics for you.

Known for their flexibility and versatility, our vinyl signs and graphics are durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use. They are highly customizable to carry dynamic designs that will be tailored for any of your informational, promotional, or decorative goals. Moreover, we offer our vinyl graphics in different shapes and sizes so you can have the one that best matches your budget and style preferences.

Corporate Design Products

custom window muralApex Signs & Graphics, Inc. is no amateur when it comes to high-profile campaigns or any marketing campaign for that matter. Our expert services include excellent graphic designs that maximize the impact of any corporate signage, whether itโ€™s for promotions or purely informational.

If you require our Wheeling vinyl wraps, rest assured that we will adhere to your branding guidelines throughout the design process. We aim to give you a cohesive set of marketing graphics from your commercial vehicles to your front windows and interior spaces. Once weโ€™re done, your target market will be able to remember your brand more clearly and in a more positive light.

Custom Vinyl Wrap Company

As one of the leading Wheeling sign companies, Apex Signs & Graphics, Inc. strives to make our vinyl wrapping service as comprehensive and satisfactory as possible. We cater to clients of varying business types and budget ranges, so we always ensure that we go about our customization process with precision.

We offer a free initial consultation where youโ€™ll be able to tell us everything you need and want. Weโ€™ll then provide possible signage solutions that we think suit your specific requirements and budget. If you like our offer and decide to pursue a partnership with us, we can start with the design and planning stage right away.

Our in-house graphic designers are ready to assist you in finalizing the look of your vinyl wraps. If you already have a design ready, all we have to do is ensure that itโ€™s in the right format so it can be printed in high resolution, no matter the size. Or, if necessary, we can create a design from scratch and ask for your approval.

If the design is all sorted out, we can finally print your vinyl wrap and proceed with the installation. We know it can be tempting to do the installation yourself, but like any other task, trusting the professionals to do it can save you more time and money in the long run.

Our vinyl wrap installers have enough experience and insights to know how to properly apply your wrap while avoiding novice mistakes. Rest assured, our team will finish installing your vinyl wrap flawlessly, free of any blemishes, bubbles, tears, or crooked lines.

Free Vinyl Wrap Consultation

Wheeling Vinyl Wraps apex signs wraps logo new 300x113Creating an impressive marketing impact doesnโ€™t have to be labor-intensive or expensive. Apex Signs & Graphics, Inc. offers customized Wheeling vinyl wraps that are more than enough to effectively help you stand out from your competition!

From temporary promotional signs to long-term branding graphics, we can tailor the best vinyl wraps and graphics to match your requirements. We will even make the necessary adjustments so you can have the best deal possible for your specific budget.

Call Apex Signs & Graphics, Inc. today at (847) 380-1944 for your Free Consultation with an Wheeling Vinyl Wrap Expert!