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Park Ridge Business Signs


What is one of the best ways to bring new, paying clients into your business? Business signs!

Lake Bluff Crossfit Window Sign

They act as publicity and notification of where your business is, telling them just a little bit about your company with a quick glance. A business sign needs to encapsulate what your company is, what you do, and who you are. With sharp design, perfect editing, and high-quality materials, your sign can accomplish quite a bit in an instant.

Industries can get quite competitive, which means that you need to do whatever you can to set yourself apart. The best Park Ridge business signage gives customers a glimpse of why you are the best team to go to for whatever it is that you do or sell – whether you need just a few small business signs or a complete signage campaign.

At Apex Signs & Graphics, our team is ready to work with you to create a strategy that will outfit your entire business in signs – whether you need business advertising signs, business banners, business signs and banners, business yard signs, or any other kind of signs for businesses.

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Business Signage of All Kinds

Custom Lobby Sign Schatz InsuranceOur team has designed signs for many different kinds of signs for business over the years. Our experience has allowed us to divide the signs into two different types: exterior and interior business signs. Interior signs are mostly to help with directions. They can tell your clients, workers, and visitors where to go within the building. They can also provide information like hours of operation, emergency exits, or ADA signage. Exterior signs help people find your business – both its physical location and discover its existence.

Exterior Business Signs

Exterior signs are placed on a physical piece of commercial property or around town to gain publicity and name recognition. Some of the most popular choices for business signage for outside include banners, yard signs, and storefront signs. Note that our exterior business signs are extremely durable in all conditions – they are waterproof, fade-proof, and easy to clean.

Your outdoor signs are extremely important because they portray who you are to the general public. We will help you choose a sign that speaks to your audience and introduces you as the go-to company for their needs.

Interior Signs for Business

Even if you have a small location, you will still need interior signs like hours of operation signs, ADA signage, and directional signs. Many Park Ridge businesses create maps or directories to help people understand where to go, especially if you are in a larger facility or complex. If your company attends conventions or trade shows, custom trade show displays and business banners help to set you apart from the rest of the crowd.

Custom Business Signage

The best way to really set yourself apart from the rest of the companies in your industry is to get custom business signs. This allows our experts to create something unique and special just for you while still adhering to the laws and restrictions for local, regional, and national governments.

Custom signs help your business get something that really reflects who you are."We love what we do, and you'll love it, too!" Zhuming Smith, Owner, Apex Signs & Wraps

Free Consultation with a Sign Expert

Every business has different needs, which means that every business needs unique signage. If you want expertly crafted, highly professional, and immaculately produced Park Ridge business signage, we want to work with you. Our team will bring our professional experience, high-quality materials, and creativity to work with you throughout the process – from brainstorming through installation.

Contact Apex Signs & Graphics today at (847) 380-1944 for your Free Consultation with a Business Signs Specialist!