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Lake Forest Custom LED Signs

Traditional Open For Business Neon Sign

Transform your storefront into an irresistible magnet for new customers with our custom-lighted signs. Neon signs, in all their striking glory, serve as powerful marketing toolsβ€”think of them as shining beacons cutting through the night.

At Apex Signs & Graphics, Inc., we specialize in creating Lake Forest LED signs that are both contemporary and classic that will enhance your company’s image. With the necessary expertise, resources, and state-of-the-art equipment, we can design signs that advertise your company and attract clients by giving them the required information.

Consider us your local sign partner, dedicated to spotlighting your brand and setting your business apart. Let us be the guiding light that attracts new customers, creating a vibrant and welcoming presence that ensures your company always puts its best foot forward.

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Alternatives to Traditional Neon Signs

Traditional neon signs have a timeless charm, but let’s face it, they come with their own set of limitations, particularly in cost and maintenance. Recognizing this, Apex Signs & Graphics, Inc. presents an innovative alternative that maintains the charm, essence, and quality you love.

Tipsy Monkey Lighted Storefront LED SignBy using the latest technology, we create Lake Forest LED signs that evoke the nostalgic charm of neon while avoiding high maintenance costs. This means savings for your business and a sign that lasts.

We specialize in crafting energy-efficient LED signs that mimic the timeless look of neon without the environmental toll. These signs blend the classic charm of traditional neon with eco-consciousness, providing a creative and planet-friendly choice for businesses aiming to grab attention without the burden of hefty upkeep expenses.

Our LED backlighting options cover a variety of sign types, such as cabinet signs, channel letter storefront signs, and interior signs, for those looking for a modern edge. Our LED signs ensure visibility and draw in more customers from a distance, making them ideal for businesses that are open after dark, like theaters, restaurants, hotels, gas stations, and nightclubs.

Our LED signs’ versatility is evident in the wide range of styles, colors, and animation options available. We have the know-how to create the ideal sign that is customized to your company’s requirements, whether you want a traditional or modern aesthetic. Empower your brand with a signage solution that combines creativity, economy of energy, and visual appeal.

Indoor Neon & LED Signs

Neon and LED signs have a significant impact indoors as well as outdoors because of their adaptability. These signs can be used strategically all over your business to accomplish a variety of goals, like directing customers’ attention to important locations like order stations and checkouts or highlighting sales and special offers.

Backlit Lobby Sign Royal CyberOur signs can be customized to your exact specifications, with standard lettering and fonts or with a fully customizable canvas to help you realize your creative visions. This flexibility also applies to indoor lobby signs, which become eye-catching tools for brand promotion when backlighting is added.

With our LED lighting options, we can highlight your most important business information with a subtle glow or a bold splash of color. Enhance your clients’ waiting experiences by providing eye-catching images in the lobby that quietly draw their attention to the information they require most.

Not only do we make signs at Apex Signs & Graphics, Inc., but we also create visual experiences that improve your brand’s visibility and deliver important information most engagingly. Allow us to add the appeal and functionality of neon and LED signage to your company’s interior.

Programmable LED Message Centers

Neon and LED signs are game-changers, whether indoors or outdoors, thanks to their incredible adaptability. Picture this: these signs are strategically placed around your business, guiding customers’ gaze to key spots like order stations and checkouts or shining a spotlight on those irresistible sales and special offers.

Large Format Custom LED Message CentersOur signs can be personalized to fit your exact needs, whether it’s standard lettering and fonts or a unique design to match your creative vision. Plus, indoor lobby signs get a real boost when we add backlighting – turning them into eye-catching tools for promoting your brand.

Using our LED lighting options, we can highlight your key business information with a soft glow or a bold burst of color. Elevate your customers’ waiting experiences by displaying captivating images in the lobby that subtly draw their focus to the most important information.

At Apex Signs & Graphics, Inc., we put innovation at your fingertips so you can interact with your audience in real-time using visually striking content. Programmable LED Message Center Signs can enhance your signage strategy by offering seamless customization through a user-friendly interface and engaging content.

Full-Service Sign Company

Above all, we want to build a long-lasting relationship with you by becoming your go-to sign shop along the way, not just producing excellent signs. We are dedicated to fully satisfying your needs, starting with the original concept and continuing through to the finished product and even future repairs.

Being a full-service Lake Forest sign company, we can create a wide range of business signs, including ADA signage, trade show displays, indoor and outdoor banners, and storefront and lobby signs. Think of us as your reliable partner in addition to a sign supplier; we have the knowledge and resources to meet all of your signage needs."We love what we do, and you'll love it, too!" Zhuming Smith, Owner, Apex Signs & Wraps

Free Consultation with an LED Sign Expert

Lake Forest Custom LED Signs apex signs wraps logo new 300x113Introduce the alluring glow of our Lake Forest LED signs to uplift the atmosphere and make a lasting impression on your customers. These signs are designed to create an unforgettable experience that embodies your brand; they are more than just light fixtures.

Select from our selection of designs, hues, and editable features to precisely customize the illuminating experience to your brand’s identity. Our LED signs stand out as beacons of distinction, drawing attention and creating a distinctive atmosphere that will stick with customers long after they leave your establishment. Call us right now for more information!

Call Apex Signs & Graphics, Inc. today at (847) 380-1944 for your Free Consultation with an Lake Forest LED Sign specialist!