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Trade Show Displays
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Custom Trade Show Displays


Trade show and event attendance is a great way to promote your brand, products, and services. When you decide to set up a trade show booth, there are specific elements you will need to attract attention and effectively convey your message to your targeted audience.

Complete Trade Show Booth Setup and DesignHere at Apex Signs & Graphics, we have the experience, tools, and skills to create impactful, show-stopping trade show displays that will excite attendees about what you have to offer, educate them about your products and services, and help you build long-term connections. Attending a trade show often represents a large investment, not only in your supplies, but in the cost of the show itself, travel, payroll, and more. We understand that in order for your trade show to be successful, it must be profitable. Our goal is to help you get a positive return on your investment by providing you with trade show booths and displays that are attractive, eye-catching, and professional, and supply the information that your sales staff needs to seal the deal and win more business.

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Trade Show Display Elements

Having the right elements for your custom trade show display is vital to the success of your event. There are many different goals that you may have for your trade show event attendance, such as attracting new investors, selling a product to retail locations, or promoting your products/services to distributors or vendors.

We are a complete trade show display provider, creating impactful displays and display elements to promote your brand, products, and services, including:


We assist with all components of trade show booth creation, including custom design services, printing, and local installation, if needed. Regardless of the complexity of your display and the number of elements needed, we can produce a high-quality, attractive trade show display that is sure to impress!

Trade Show Booth Customization

Casket Custom Trade Show BoothLooking for a portable, easily customizable trade show booth that can be used over and over again? With Apex Signs & Graphics, we can not only create the right booth for a specific show; we can create a booth that can be easily updated and customized for attendance at many different shows, including replaceable elements or unique graphics. Customizing your booth to a particular show allows you to more directly target your audience for that event.

For example, say you are a manufacturer of fishing line. You may attend a trade show event that is targeted to commercial fishermen and will want to have a display that speaks to that audience, such as promoting your strongest, most durable products that are perfect for extended or heavy use. You may also attend a different trade show that is targeted to outdoor retail shops. For this booth, you will want to promote items such as case pricing for fishing line, or variety packs for retail display. We can create a trade show display that can move seamlessly from event to event, with only a few updates or graphics to adjust, saving you time and money.

Trade Show Organizer Partner

Not only do we provide high-quality graphic displays to trade show exhibitors in the Lake Bluff, Waukegan, and North Chicago area, we can also assist trade show organizers and venues with their event signage needs, such as large-format event banners, floor graphics, and more. Whether you need a single sign, or a partner to recommend to trade show exhibitors for fast, impactful trade show displays, Apex Signs & Graphics is ready to deliver for you."We love what we do, and you'll love it, too!" Zhuming Smith, Owner, Apex Signs & Wraps

Free Consultation- Trade Show Expert

Apex Signs & Graphics is your partner for all of your trade show display needs, providing high-quality, attractive trade show display elements that are sure to draw a crowd!

Call Apex Signs & Graphics at (847) 380-1944 for your Free Consultation with a Trade Show Booth Design Specialist!