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Monument Signs
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Antioch Durable Custom Monument Signs


Monument signs, commonly found at the entrances of educational institutions, corporate buildings, churches, and other structures, are essential in creating a memorable first impression.

Antioch Durable Custom Monument Signs Monument Foam 300x183

These freestanding signs are made from high-quality materials like metal, marble, stone, concrete, or brick and prominently display important components like the name and logo of the company as well as directions. Monument signs add a harmonious touch to the overall building signage, making a cohesive impression from the beginning.

Our Antioch sign company’s specialty is creating eye-catching, premium signs that will make a lasting impression on your company and brand. We aim to give you an outstanding Ilinois monument sign that will make a lasting impression on customers and distinguish your business from the competition.

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An Impressive Entrance

Monument signs are an excellent option that can take your company’s visibility to new heights in a variety of industries.

Antioch Durable Custom Monument Signs monument sign outdoor 300x225Their unique, striking, and unforgettable qualities make them a captivating focal point that makes a lasting impression on everyone who sees them. These signs create an impression of longevity and permanence, which helps to leave a good one.

Monument signs are more simplified and hidden because they don’t require additional support structures like posts or pillars. In addition to enhancing their aesthetic appeal, this thoughtful installation guarantees longevity by reducing their vulnerability to deterioration due to aging, environmental factors, and normal wear and tear.

Therefore, purchasing an Antioch monument sign, even without these extra components, turns out to be a solid and wise long-term decision for your company.

Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

Antioch monument signs are widely used in business parks, large multi-building facilities, and shopping centers. They are aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time.

Antioch Durable Custom Monument Signs monument 4 300x214Our multi-tenant monument signs are of the highest quality; they function as an educational directory for the different facilities and tastefully display a list of companies operating within a particular center. Beyond their practical use, these signs become striking welcome pieces that add refinement to the exterior of corporate buildings or manufacturing facilities.

If you’re looking for a premium sign to draw attention and stop people walking by your business, a monument sign is the best option. These signs not only meet functional requirements but also enhance your company’s aesthetic appeal, sending a strong message that appeals to both onlookers and prospective customers.

Custom Signs For Every Budget

Our specialty at Apex Signs & Graphics, Inc. is creating custom monument signs that meet your demands, specifications, and financial constraints.

Antioch Durable Custom Monument Signs 2 64 300x214With so many different sizes and material options available to us, our customization process gives us the creative freedom to imagine and create the ideal monument sign for your company. You can rely on our extensive experience, in-depth knowledge, and state-of-the-art resources to produce the best results, whether your preference is for an understated elegance or a large, noticeable sign that commands attention.

Our dedication is to skillfully and precisely realize your vision. We are aware that your Antioch monument sign serves as a symbol of your brand identity and is more than just a showpiece. Using a methodical approach, we use our experience to guarantee that every little detail connects perfectly with your company’s culture, producing a monument sign that not only fulfills but surpasses your expectations.

Free Monument Sign Consultation

Antioch Durable Custom Monument Signs apex signs wraps logo new 300x113Apex Signs & Graphics, Inc. is the go-to local source for creating unique, durable, and eye-catching Antioch monument signs that are a potent symbol of the expertise and tenacity of your company and brand.

Our dedication to quality guarantees that your signage not only satisfies but surpasses the highest requirements, making a lasting impression on the appearance of your business. We would be more than happy if you gave us a call to discuss your monument signage needs!

Call Apex Signs & Graphics, Inc. today at (847) 380-1944 for your Free Consultation with an Antioch Monument Sign Specialist!